2020–21 A Different Kind of School Year

Subject of Self—the study of you.

A free, K–12 social-emotional learning and reflection curriculum.

  • Icon depicting Daily Check-Ins

    Daily Check-Ins

    Use daily check-ins to give your students an outlet to process today’s world and lay the groundwork for a focused day of learning.

  • Icon depicting Cultivate Connection

    Cultivate Connection

    Create a structured, safe dialogue to connect with children as individuals and understand their unique perspectives.

  • Icon depicting Efficiently Balanced

    Efficiently Balanced

    Daily social-emotional learning and movement activities can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Icon depicting Flexible and Versatile

    Flexible and Versatile

    Designed to be used in-school, for distance learning, or a blend of the two. The full-year curriculum can begin at any time.

  • Icon depicting Beginner Friendly

    Beginner Friendly

    Little, to no adult prep required! (But there will be plenty of support resources at your fingertips!)

  • Icon depicting For K–12

    For K–12

    View sample lessons for early elementary, late elementary, middle school, and high school; traditional school or homeschooling.